The umbrella color prints

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Umbrella color print order: 53.5 * 8 (opening umbrellas umbrella diameter of 98 cm, height 69 cm; Closed umbrella 28 cm length, width 5.5 cm) digital painting

Style: spring, summer, autumn and winter + butterfly

Whether imports: no

Cloth cloth material: lighting strike

Umbrella cloth gluing: vinyl

Density of umbrella cloth: 190 t

From material: iron and glass fiber

Handle material: plastic

The rod material: iron

Style: thirty percent of umbrella

The number of umbrella: 8 bones

Open mode: hands open

Closed umbrella: open hand

Printing LOGO: can be

Processing custom: it is

Applicable people: adults

Origin: (domestic) of guangdong province

Gross weight: 345 g

Style: umbrella

Number of cartons: 12

Packing: packed in cartons

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