Buy a folding umbrella or a long handle umbrella.

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When an ordinary person buys an umbrella, he or she will always entangle the purchase of a long umbrella or a folding umbrella. Let us talk about the types of purchases to be considered from several aspects.


In terms of top and durability, there are more ribs in the long handle umbrella, stronger support, and more advantageous in terms of firmness. The folding umbrella has a relatively large elasticity and can be folded and stored, which is convenient, but compared with the long handle. Umbrella, durability is not strong with a long handle.

Second, the practical aspects, divided into several situations, if it is usually only used for sunshade, then it is recommended to choose a better folding umbrella, if the rain is covered, the climate of the city where the environment is more variable, the rain is relatively large, Then the folding umbrella will be relatively small, and it is recommended to choose a long-handled umbrella to cover the relatively large rain. However, the folding umbrella is also continuously launched on the market. The three-fold or four-fold, the umbrella surface is relatively large, if there is demand. Consumers can be considered.

Third, the umbrella brand, the average person wants to buy an umbrella, they will choose to buy paradise umbrella, the quality is more guaranteed, the quality of paradise umbrella is also different in various places, consumers can also purchase some quality according to their own needs when purchasing. More assured brands of umbrellas.

When buying an umbrella, whether it is a long umbrella or a folding umbrella, the primary decisive factor is still the quality problem. Picking a brand that you trust, buying a better umbrella is always worse than buying it, and buying it from scratch.