Children's umbrella use age classification

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Children's umbrellas are umbrellas designed for children by umbrella manufacturers. Children's umbrellas are divided into three types according to the applicable age: big children's umbrella, middle child umbrella and small child umbrella; according to the opening method, they are divided into two types: hand-opened children's umbrella and automatic children's umbrella; according to the shape, they can be divided into: ordinary type and ear type. Two.


Classified by age of use

1, big children umbrella; this umbrella is suitable for children aged 6 to 9 years old, the general umbrella surface is larger, smaller than the adult umbrella, and light. Umbrella handle, the umbrella body is specially designed.

2, the children's umbrella; this umbrella is suitable for children aged 5 to 7 years old, the umbrella surface is smaller than the big children umbrella, the material and so on are relatively soft materials to protect the skin of the small hand.

3, children's umbrella; this umbrella is small, its purpose is not only for ordinary people to use it to shelter from the rain, the most important thing is to play, and there is not much practical use.


Classified by opening method

1, open the children's umbrella; no automatic button, you need to open manually

2, automatic children's umbrella; there is an open button, you can open it on the button, the contraction needs to be done manually!

Classified by shape

1. Ordinary type; similar to an adult umbrella, no special shape

2. Ear type; some have triangular ears, some are round ears and some have a duck tongue

There are generally: the maple leaf umbrella, the cartoon umbrella, and so on. With a variety of patterns. The picture case, a large program to attract the curiosity of the children. Thus occupying this part of the umbrella market.