Advantages of advertising folding umbrella

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There are many types of advertising umbrellas in the past. Let's introduce the introduction of advertising folding umbrellas, let us have more understanding of it, and it is convenient for us to better choose and use.


Relatively speaking, the folding of the advertising umbrella is very convenient. It only needs to tiling the advertising folding umbrella on the open space, and attaching a foot pump or an electric pump, only two people can be set up in a few minutes.

The same is true when the removal, the number of metal brackets required for the removal and packaging is more than the same, and the time is also longer. The account is only required to let it deflate naturally when it is removed, or it can be pumped by an electric blower.


Therefore, compared with the ordinary metal bracket advertising folding umbrella, the advertising folding umbrella has its incomparable advantages, its light weight, small size, and the advantages of the ordinary metal bracket advertising folding umbrella in transportation. Moreover, it is very simple to set up and remove, and it will not ruin more manpower and time. It is especially suitable for use in the rapid response of urgent matters. In the event that the environment is unsatisfactory, the advertising umbrella can also stop the airdrop.