What is the name of each part of the umbrella?

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What is the name of each part of the umbrella


The names of all parts of umbrella are umbrella frame (bone), umbrella cloth, umbrella handle, small umbrella cap, bead, etc.

The structure of the umbrella bone is mainly composed of the main umbrella bone, the branch umbrella bone and the hinge seat, which is characterized in that: at the hinge seat position where the main umbrella bone and the branch umbrella bone are connected, glue is injected into the groove of the U-shaped umbrella bone respectively to form a package of reduction and hinge seat,

The hinge seat is integrally formed with the main umbrella bone, and one end of the supporting umbrella bone is riveted and fixed. The main umbrella bone is contained by the composite body, and several annuli are injected into the grooves of the main umbrella bone on both sides of the hinge seat and the periphery of the main umbrella bone. The annuli and the main umbrella bone are integrally formed.