How to fold the umbrella?

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How to fold the umbrella?


1. Deal with the umbrella top first: after the umbrella is dried, close it. At this time, the cloth on the umbrella top will run out unevenly. Fold the cloth between each umbrella skeleton into the umbrella bone with V-shape, and the umbrella top is in order.

2. Then handle the large area umbrella cloth: hold the sun umbrella straight, hold the end of the closed umbrella bone with one hand, and do not let the umbrella spread; you can also use the grip to buckle the end of the umbrella bone, but it will run out easily. With the other hand, follow the crease in step 1, divide the umbrella cloth with the umbrella bone, and pull the crease out to the umbrella tail. After collection, from the top of the umbrella, the umbrella cloth will show the radiation of sunlight.

3. Deal with the next crease: fold the umbrella under the umbrella bone, hold down the handle and buckle the switch, so as not to let the sun umbrella open, but the umbrella surface is scattered. Next, finish the lower marking surface in the way of the umbrella cloth in step 2. After the umbrella cloth is closed, the lower marking umbrella cloth will present a radial shape from the grip. It should be noted that the umbrella cloth at the switch should be straightened along the line, and the umbrella cloth on the lower surface should be the same size as possible after folding.

4. Close the umbrella finally: as long as the umbrella is closed in the direction of the umbrella buckle, turn the umbrella while the umbrella cloth is folded up; it can also be put on the desktop in the way of rolling, which will not be crooked. It should be noted that the joints of the umbrella bone at the grip should be arranged irregularly one by one and face the same direction; they are not obedient, sometimes there will be queue jumping, or one to the East and one to the west, which is not good-looking.

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