Most popular inverted umbrellas

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Most popular inverted umbrellas

Nowadays ,inverted umbrellas is very popular in the world market ,why customer want to buy this umbrellas ? Let will introduce this umbrellas .


1 : Use double layer pongee fabric , more waterproof ,the inner layer fabric has hole ,can reduce the stress of the wind ,then the umbrellas ribs will be not easy to broken .

2 : Use fiberglass ribs , super windproof ,and not easy to broken on the bad whether .

3 : Use rubber coated C shape handle ,more comfortable and convenient when you use phone .

4 : The special features use more convenient and not let you get wet on the raining day in anywhere .
Inverted umbrellas also call it reserve umbrellas ,very suits for a person who have car , more convenient and not get wet anything in the car ,such as file ,seat .

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